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Linkedin is a professional Social Network owned by Microsoft. It is not just restricted to finding a job with it. Linkedin is even used for lead generation, building your own personal brand, etc I am of the view since 2013 that every Indian Politician how small he might be must have a Linkedin profile of him/her. Thus adding professionalism to the work they do.

Now, these days I am aspiring to be Growth Hacker & in process of building professional relationships on Linkedin. I came across this 5-day Workshop by Vaibhav Sisinty. It repeatedly followed me wherever I went on Social Media, like say Facebook. After all, I joined the 20th batch which got delayed 15 days after Diwali. No doubt building my excitement.

About Vaibhav Sisinty

Vaibhav is in proper online marketing since 2011. Some of his work are “Discovery Android” & “CrazyHeads”;

where he managed a team of 14 members who did growth marketing. In less than 3 years, they served over 100 clients from India, US, Brazil, Australia etc. In 2014, CrazyHeads won “Fast Emerging Digital Media Startup of the Year” award.

At the age of 23, he became the head of marketing @ Uber. He also served Klook, India later. And did what Growth Hackers are best doing at; scaling Growth of organizations. He even was a guest lecturer at UpGrad. His success story is being covered by major news publications. And, without an MBA degree he has spoken at IIT’s & IIM’s to be short.

Value for money

At first when I heard about the price I was of the opinion that He is another guy who will say that “Private Mode” will come in “Privacy & Setting”; all that kind of stuffs. I started searching for him & landed on his website to see one Linkedin Masterclass of $1300 approx. & Instagram Masterclass which redirects to install a Chrome Extension (at least for me).

Soon I realized I was being retargeted with Facebook Pixel & it was every now & then irritating a Linkedin 5-day Workshop for just 499 INR. My final experience was satisfying. And, I got the value for 590 INR approx. (plus GST) I paid.

What the workshop covers?

The workshop started on 16th Nov. 2020. And, at the start itself twice there was DDOS attack & we where given password protected videos through Vimeo. Vaibhav has a small but active team & he manages everything with fire shot enthusiasm which can be seen in his doubt clearing session, which happens 6 days of weeks, Friday being a total holiday. There is a Mega Webinar conducted every Sunday for 3+ hours. The course covers these topics on following days:

  • Day 1 – Identifying your target audience.
    Depending on whether you are a Student seeking job or Businessman looking for leads or want to build a brand.
  • Day 2 – Optimization of your LinkedIn profile.
    Focusses primarily on filling many sections on a profile in a professional way.
  • Day 3 – How to increase the connection and reach first 5K connection.
    Removing non-active connection. And, giving a new life to your Linkedin profile.
  • Day 4 – Holiday.
  • Day 5 – Content Creation
    Content is the king. He talks about how to create engaging content in right way so as to get maximum engagements for images, PDF’s & Videos on Linkedin.
  • Day 6 – Three plus hours live session (No Recording Available)
    Talks about connection strategy to be used while connecting people. Shares many big & small Growth Hacking apps.

Why should I join?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t complete daily tasks as I never wanted to join another Facebook Group. He shares many tools, some of which are well known like SocialAnimal, BuzzSumo, etc. But, shares some good ones on 3+ hour Sunday session. To keep it short as this is Tumblr Blog; 600 approx. INR is very low to spend on such a course. If you are willing to join then click my affiliate link below as a barter gesture. Help me to help you. Sign-up with below link.

Affiliate link

I never had a second thought for this course. The only thing was I wasn’t finding time to join in my job schedule. Now, the final decision is yours. Would you like to spend time on Social Networks to learn on your own (for everyone life teaches a lesson) or want to use his vast experience. Don’t forget to keep a pen & paper ready during live doubt clearing sessions as he delivers something in between, what he calls as “Value Bombs”. Some cool hacks to name it…

Thanks for reading till here.