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Way back in 2014, I almost tried finding the reason for growing lust in society during Dec. 2012 when Nirbhaya Brutal Delhi Rape case heppened. As of latest encounter of rapists by Telangana police (Priyanka Reddy’s case), I am trying to find what causes rapist thoughts in our society, basically caused by loneliness, lust, depression, etc. Clubbing all these I am presenting here how INTERNET causes all these & what barrage should be put online. These barrages should be Govt. measures to be act upon. 

Individuals today use internet mostly for entertainment purpose (Let say, if I am not wrong 60% of those). In such a scenario it has replaced television in many countries. And, it is said that PORN account for 80% of global web traffic.And, 30% of web is said to be porn. Here, I am taking into account just heard facts, trying to put light on our Sexual Entertainment & how how it changes people behavior globally. 

Remember YAHOO CHAT ROOM’S bots with links use to take you to porn sites? But, today, case is different. Social influencers keep people busy & just a halt caused by Windows 8 update took people form facebook to dating sites. Human behavior I say. From there to lonely dating to a BRUTAL DELHI RAPE, 

Read Below To Know How Human Sexual Thoughts Gets Suppressed & Human Psychology Changes Through Use Of Internet. No doubt, there are both good & bad people existing in society in every era. 

(1). After a Google Algorithm Update: With update Google’s SERP changes; same porn site again may not be available later in top results. Basically, no porn click after click makes people to search alternative porn. Banning porn by Govt. won’t be a solution. 

(2). After  a Facebook Algorithm Update: Some use Fb to be in touch. Some for flirting & dating. With an algorithm update; we rarely get other’s updates. As Fb is one among the most used website of the world; such people now go to dating sites. At least few dating sites should be completely free. 

(3). Dating Sites: India don’t have any quality free dating sites which can give a spectrum of time stamp of when in a day a person comes online. So, that I can catch him/her online. This can be done using log files. Moreover, India is world’s most youngest country & it has a paid dating app. This deviates our youth though,  people can even raise question of our culture? But, seeing the trend of growing crimes against women. What should be the solution?

(4) Lonely Dating:  Either there should be explicit homosexual dating sites or completely free hetrosexual. But, in Eastern culture (Asia Major) girls are reluctant to be present with their original identity. There are very few trusted private photo sharing options. Such sites are full of Gay Accounts. This in-turn causes loneliness in society.

(5) Online Dating Fruads: There is a full army of people making fruads online. Even on dating sites. People who faced fruads with money often tend to search sex offline. And, our Cyber Crime reporting website doesn’t work always. 

(6). Special Porn Period: Countries like Italy are very clever. They had changed  many paid porn sites for free access during CORONA Lockdown. Thus, keeping people busy online. But, in India; our Govt. ruthlessly banned porn. Making traffic to divert to Whatsapp for few days. 

Note: This article is based on experience based after monitoring users activity when Facebook timeline gets jammed & when Google search results give links to porn which don’t open click after click & after idle experimenting time spent on dating sites. I ask sorry in advance if it’s going to change our youth. It’s just a case study as tittle suggests.