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Since some years the online shopping destination for Indians was prominently and bit of Recently , amazon entered the Indian market and totally changed the scene and suddenly Flipkart felt that pressure and came up with heavy advertising.

When there are these two players in Indian market. I myself created a comparison connected with cell phones that are under ₹ 16,000 range. You can clearly see that is offering lower rates than flipkart and even flipkart doesn’t have many of those models (products). Either Flipkart won’t sell those or they are ’Out of Stock’.

The spreadsheet below shows the comparison. Here,

1). The price in “Brown Color” represents that product offered is lower than the other.

2). The price in “Red Color” represents that the product is either out of stock or not available on other site.

It is a very good & necessary practice when chosen to ’Shop Online’ to make a comparison of products on various sites before ordering them. I compare prices at My Smart Price. This gives me a clear picture of prices offered online. Tough, Amazon and eBay are marketplaces, Flipkart hold its own inventory. But, services offered these days by Flipkart are really bad.So, it is even more important to check for their service reviews before purchasing on any site. More importantly, before buying any Cell Phone one should check it’s RAM, Processor & release date. RAM & Processor are related to performance & release date will show you if your chosen model is trendy & latest when picked from the  market. For doing this research I suggest Gsmarena, Saholic & Gsmchoice. These three sites have very trusted specifications. For further, you can also check from the actual manufacturers.

Note : These are the rates as on 09/12/13, that was Monday when Flipkart usually offers weekly discounts.

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You can scroll Spreadsheet to —> for remaining part.