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Reading this article, you will drive through my experience of doing some Digital Marketing related online training programs/courses. Few of which I myself completed & few I attended their welcome webinars to know actually what they are offering & what their price is?

Though I have a 10-year+ of experience, I have just 3+ years of corporate experience. Rest is freelancing experience, which made me enthusiastic for polishing my Digital Marketing skills. Going with it, this year (2021) till May, I did 9 online Digital Marketing Courses, below is the list:

  • Google Unlocked: It is a free course with certification by Google, it basically covers Digital Marketing basics. But I don’t recommend it to people not having even a bit of Digital Marketing exposure. For such people, it will be a bit confusing. Since I had done an offline Digital Marketing course from Hyderabad’s famous institute NareshIT, I could sail smoothly. Few topics got refreshed in my mind & few I do accept were new to me.
  • Facebook Ads Mastery: This course is offered by one of India’s famous Digital Marketer “Digital Deepak” aka Deepak Kanakaraju. More in detail in the next set of lists recommended for freshers.
  • Google Tag Manager: After being a dropout in Engineering I have a seed of technology left in me & do try learning new technical stuff. To which, I recently even did Full Stack Web Development course. In the same league of my liking towards technology, I learnt using Google Tag Manager which was offered by famous Indian YouTuber Umar Tazkir.

I don’t recommend this to freshers as I suggest fresher manually place codes on websites instead of using Google Tag Manager containers. This course can be done just for the sake of knowledge & doesn’t have certification. If you are interested in certification, Google offers this at Google Analytics Academy.

  • App Store Optimization: It was my long-cherished dream to learn ASO. I was excited to found this again by famous Indian Youtuber Umar Tazkir on his course’s website – WSCubeTech courses. This is an easy thing to learn but needs consistent practice to master.
  • Email Course of Lead Generation: For increasing their email list people like Deepak Kanakaraju has lead magnets & this is one of them. He tries to provide immense value by making such lead magnet courses & I being new to Lead Generation, it was a very good learning experience for me.

I was re-targeted with the same course on Facebook. I got this course for free; it usually costs just Rs. 100. You get one email per day for 100 days. Deepak has even made an eBook out of 100 emails & he plans it to sell & you get this eBook after course completion.

  • Growth Hacking course by Pitch Ground: If you are new to PitchGround, it is a marketplace for many SaaS (Software as a Service) products, founded by an Indian Udit Goenka along with Oscar Hernandez & Lukas Liesis.

They sell some very good SaaS products & they first came to be known to me by Digital Marketer Vaibhav Sisinty. They give some very good offers & I remember I made a visually beautiful resume by using their SaaS product ResumeCats. It was a lifetime deal that I had grabbed for free.

Last year I had decided to be a Growth Hacker after learning Web Development. But destiny was something else. I was again re-targeted an “email a day course for 30 days”. From a marketer’s perspective, the course was very good & gives you some insane growth hacks.

  • Google Data Studio: Data Studio is a tool to prepare visual reports out of data given to it. It is a part of the Google Marketing Platform. Analytics is a totally different necessity in organizations & its next most important task is to generate reports for clients. Though, I may not be that perfect in Google Analytics yet. I found this course completely applicable in any organization to generate reports. This is offered by Umar Tazkir at WsCubeTech course’s website & it is in a language that I am completely comfortable with – Hindi.
  • SEMRush: It is a marketing research tool/website for different types of Digital Marketing researches. Be it keyword research or competition analysis, etc. Founded in 2008 SEMRush has won many awards in the last 13 years & has become one of World’s destinations for competition research. It shows keyword ranking, Competition analysis for Google Ads; organic traffic, etc.

It’s every Digital Marketer’s dream to learn to use SEMRush. Digital Marketing is one such field in which you learn doing things practically. Though I may not be still that perfect with SEMRush. I found this course in Hindi by again Umar Taskir to be very easy to grasp.

  • Google Search Console: For those who are new to this, Google Search Console is nothing but previous Google Webmasters. This tool helps in resolving traffic-related issues like crawl issues, etc. & rich results or featured snippet or schema data issues.

This is the bridge between you & Google Search Engine. I found problems using this tool in my last company & came across this Amit’s playlist later. See videos from this listing one by one, in sequence. This is the right way to learn from YouTube. Or else, you will be bits & pieces Digital Marketer.

Doing all these courses I realized that few Indians are doing a very good job as online mentors & they have students outside the sub-continent.

I have made a small list of courses that would help any fresher to select the best in business with quality expertise. This list is only for freshers, even experienced people can do these below-stated courses for niche mastery.  

  • Search Engine Optimization: This link I see affordable & the best place to learn SEO in India. The mentor is my friend Shashank Srivastava, he has 10+ years of experience in the field.
  • SEO from Official Resources: This link is a collection of official resources & videos by famous SEO Amit Tiwari. You can 100% trust content here with closed eyes.
  • Linkedin: As of today, more than 30,000 students have done Vaibhav Sisinty’s 5-day Workshop. I have even written a review of this course. You can see it here.
  • Youtube: Attend Sriram Benur’s masterclass & decide if you want to learn from him. There is even a free alternative in Hindi from Umar Taszhir of WscubeTech.
  • Podcast: Bijay was an Asia-level runner-up at the Asia Podcast summit. Click & choose the course from the courses tab from the link, that best suits you!
  • Facebook Ads: The mentor (Deepak Kanakaraju) here also has 10+ years of experience & he is even certified in Facebook Blueprint Certification & he is one who regularly runs Facebook Ads for his business. This course is completely free.
  • Lead Generation: I not yet able to do this course. But I am very much sure it is a complete course in itself. The course shows a high price, but once you get into his email list, he offers many of his courses for free. Recently, he offered Rs. 25,000 worth of free courses on his birthday.
  • Google My Business: A YouTube playlist of videos when seen one by one, is a course in itself, isn’t it? Here, Amit Tiwari has come up with 50+ videos with his practical experience. Recently, his team has even built a tool for managing GMB profiles called ‘JEEMB’. It is important to note that Amit is the only spam buster Youtuber from India. He openly speaks about ongoing online spam courses that inspired me to write this article.

I will be updating these lists of courses in future. Thanks for reading till here!

These were the lists of individual courses for expanding your skillset & what if I say you can do an Advanced Digital Marketing Internship cum Course & if your performance is good, you won’t pay anything or a maximum pay just Rs. 3000. This is true, there is a very famous internship program by Deepak Kanakaraju & I am doing this. I belong to batch 11 of the internship program.

I had deposited just Rs. 15,000/- & I will get cash backs in installments up to Rs. 1200/- on completion of assignments. When Deepak first started online courses, the course completion rate was very less. He then devised this system of rewarding interns with cash backs. This system forces one to do assignments / practically implement things that are learned.

Each batch has 500 students & the course is completely online. I heard course fess is going to be increased. Just check once before applying. Below is the chart showing rewards from my batch.

100% Guaranteed Earnings for All Interns₹12,000
Guaranteed Earnings for Top 100 Interns₹15,000
Guaranteed Earnings for Top 25 Interns₹20,000
Guaranteed Earnings for Top 10 Interns₹25,000
Batch 11 Internship Reward System

I made this website as part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program & I am happy to share success stories from three of my batchmates.

  1. Kireeti Lakka: They are into Student Training & Mentorship plus they provide Digital Services To Business Owners.

2. Digital Chandan: Chandan, an engineer who has turned out to be a Digital Marketer. He can help you learn Digital Marketing to become independent. If you’re a business owner He can become your marketing partner to grow your revenue.

3. Megha Jha: If you are looking for some hacks to get more freelancing clients.

4. Prahalad: A promising SEO practitioner who is passionate about ranking websites higher on search engines.

5. Digital Joseph: This is Joseph D’Souza from Maharashtra, India. A computer and music lover; passionate about the career, motivated and emotional personality and now turned into a digital marketer.