Standby Generators Keep You Safe

Standby generators help at times of power outages.  The life we live these days is completely dependent on technology which requires electricity to function. In states of Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and New York the sale of generators is up as these states are frequented by storms. People want to be well prepared for the natural disaster that causes extensive damage to property and life.

During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the hospitals had to be evacuated. In some instances, more than hundreds of patients had to be moved to other area hospitals. At the Bellevue Hospital Medical Center which is the oldest public hospital in the United States, the staff worked diligently while power to the campus was lost the second day of the storm. This New York facility was running on standby generators. There was a cardiac bypass and a birth and both patients were later safely transferred to another hospital. Patients had to be carried down as the lifts stopped functioning, some all the way from the 20th floor.  If the facility had wired the elevators to the standby generators the task could have been easier. They had Oklahoma City fire, Homeland Security and the US Army helping out with the evacuations.

When Hurricane Irma struck Jacksonville, Florida it caused a lot of flooding. It made a landing on September 11, 2017. At such a time, it is good to move to a far-off place. Your parents and relatives will be happy to have you over for a few days till the storm passes away. It is also wise to look towards your neighbors for help. Some live at a height and this would help you keep safe. Move your vehicles out of the way of harm and leave the house with the alarm system and the surveillance camera on. The use of a generator will allow you to have backup power when utility power is lost. If you return back to a house that has been flooded, you will have to throw out everything soaked by flooding as river water is polluted. The city administration along with other government agencies brings in big dumpsters that residents can use for this purpose. Smarter people remove the carpets and the furniture to other floors of the building to keep their investments safe. Next time you hear of a storm coming down on your area prepare well ahead of time, so you do not have to suffer any financial losses.

If it’s a Cat 2 or Cat 3 storm you can stock up on supplies and water, so you can stay at home. It is good to have standby generators, so you can have the freezer and air conditioners running when there is a power failure.


Those who are under the eye of the storm have to witness a higher level of devastation. If there is a hotel nearby, it is wise to check-in a day before the storm makes a landing.  Most hotel buildings are very safe and they have standby generators that keep the cooling running. Sometimes after landing the storm can rapidly intensify and turn from a Cat 3 to a Cat 4 or even 5.

Due to the initial forecast people may not evacuate, so be prepared for the worst even if it is a Cat 3 storm. During the storm it is good not to go out. Stay put indoors and if you have kids send them over to the relatives. Board up the windows and keep the doors shut as the winds are very gusty and can shatter glass. The high winds uproot trees and you can see street signs flying with debris. The water mains and sewer lines also get affected in some areas.

Mother Nature is very powerful, and any weather warnings must be taken seriously. At times of flooding, the streets get inundated which makes it difficult to go outside for anything. If you have not bought a generator it is time to get one. There are many dealers online that offer a variety of makes and models for you to choose from. The newer modes allow you remote access to your generator. Some also feature an auto shut down when the fuel level is low. Generac and Kohler make reliable standby generators that are a favorite with homeowners. You can get a whole house unit or a lower wattage generator to power up the essential appliances. Many online dealers offer easy financing, so if you like a model that you cannot afford, you can get it on easy monthly installments.

If you think of saving money by buying a used one, think again! If it has problems, you will have to pay for repairs and the generator may conk off when you need it the most. So, when it comes to buying a generator always buy a new one as it can give you optimal performance. Those who have never bought a backup power supply will find the sales staff a good source of advice. Simply tell them which appliances the generator will be required to power up and they will help you come to the right decision.

The standby generators will also help you lower your electricity bills.  You can get a gas generator to run your air conditioner or the furnace or the water pump. This will bring down the utility bill and help you save money for other things. Those who own boats or RVs can buy a portable generator. A 2000-watt unit produces ample electricity to run essentials on the boat and the RV. The inverter type generators are now more popular due to their small size and high output.  Yamaha, Generac, Champion, and Briggs & Stratton offer a nice variety of models at very affordable prices. These manufacturers offer money back guarantees and after sales support. Inverters work quietly and can be used with sensitive electronics. When you make a purchase learn to use the unit well. Read the manuals and ask questions if you have to.

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