Preparing Your Home for a Window Replacement

Whether you’re set to replace windows that’ve been damaged beyond repair or are looking to change your units out for newer ones that’ll improve your home’s curb appeal, bear in mind that window replacement is no simple matter.

To replace a window, you’ll need to bring in a qualified and highly reliable contractor. You’ll also need to prep you work area so the contractor can do his work as efficiently as possible. Doing so will not just save you time, it’ll help ensure the project is completed as scheduled.

How exactly do you prepare your home for a window replacement job? We’ll cover a few tips here.

First off, why take the trouble to prepare your home for the window crew’s arrival?

You’re probably wondering why would you would need to extend so much effort in preparing your home when you’ve already hired a professional contractor to do the job. Aren’t they supposed to do everything for you?

Window contractors are there to remove the old windows and install the new ones. However, the process may involve a fair amount “putting away” first. For instance, you’ll need to keep your furniture, appliances, artwork or any other items of value adequately protected.

To safeguard your belongings, don’t carelessly leave personal items lying around. Also, be aware that the window replacement process is likely to leave you and your home exposed to debris, dust and other health hazards. To minimize the risks, there are a few things you need to do.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Window Replacement

Talk to your contractor

Every contractor has their own work ethic and work styles. The best way to know what you’ll need to do to make their work easier and flow faster is to ask them.

You need to find out what particular areas need to be cleared so they won’t be bumping into furniture, appliances or other things in your home. Show them where the electrical sockets are.

Also, assign them several spots where they can park their cars.

Clear the way

Most contractors include prepping and clearing the area among their responsibilities. That’s fine, but do keep in mind that the more time they spend on the task, the longer it will take for them to get around to to the core of the work.

Help them to do their job faster by removing window treatments that don’t need to be there – think blinds, curtains or other accessories.

You can also remove hanging picture frames, decorations, artwork or anything along the walls that may hinder the work.

Also, get furniture and appliances out or way. Heavy items that are too difficult for you to move alone can then be left in the capable hands of the contractor.

Cover up

To protect any furniture that’s too heavy to move from dust and debris, cover it up. Most contractors will have covering materials with them, so you won’t need to worry about this. However, it won’t hurt to ask them beforehand just to make sure that they bring those materials along.

Keep family and pets safe

Additionally, you’ll also want to minimize the health and safety hazards involved with a window replacement project. To do so, it’s best to keep your children and pets safe by keeping them in another room away from where the job is taking place.

What You Can Expect From Your Contractor

Even though you’ve done all you can to clear the workspace and protect your belongings, you can still expect the contractor to do a bit more clearing work as needed.Highly reliable contractors will double check that all furniture items are covered. They’ll ensure that your personal belongings are not lying around.

Contractors will work as fast and as efficiently as possible to remove your old windows and install the new ones. They’ll try to minimize the amount of dirt, waste and damage to property.

Once the contract has been completed, the contractor will ensure that any waste products are properly disposed. They’ll also clean up the area after the installation. You can also expect the contractor to place all the removed items back in their proper places before leaving your premises.

Highly reliable contractors will leave your home even cleaner than it was when they first arrived.

The key takeaway here? You need to work with your contractor. Even if they are ready to do everything for you, it will be best if you help them out, too, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free window replacement experience.


About the Author

Kraig Mackett is the general manager of Renewal by Andersen® of Northwest Ohio, the region’s exclusive carrier and installer of energy-efficient and topnotch Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and Andersen patio doors. His company offers top-quality door and window replacement for homes in the Toledo, OH, area. When not busy overseeing projects and managing the business, Kraig spends some of his free time writing helpful and informative articles to further help clients and homeowners.



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