How to Make the Most of Your New Gutter System

Have you checked your gutter system lately? As one of your home’s exterior components, gutters are continually exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round. This allows for extensive wear and tear that can compromise the way they drain rainwater properly. Given their significant role in keeping your home dry and damage-free, it pays to keep your gutters in tip-top shape. But what if they have already sustained massive damage?

A DRY AND DAMAGE-FREE HOME: With new gutters, protecting your home from extensive water damage can be easier.

You should consider investing in professional gutter replacement. This home upgrade can deal with the many problems involved with an old and failing system. And because new gutters are more durable and better-performing, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Rainwater spilling over the sides and flowing down your home’s exterior, leaving unsightly water streaks and stains
  • Leaks forming from rainwater seeping into the roof deck
  • Rust and other wear and tear on the gutter system itself
  • Congestion, which allows leaves, pine needles and other loose debris to settle inside the gutters, causing water to back up
  • A loose or sagging system that may be a safety risk when it collapses

Ensuring Successful Gutter Replacement

If you want to get the most of your new gutters, you’ll need to cover all the essentials. This way, you can avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Choose seamless gutters. When investing in a new system, take into account the gutter type. The traditional option is segmented, or sectional gutters. As their name suggests, they consist of separate pieces of metal that are strung together along your roofline. These pieces can come in many different sizes and are mass-produced, making them cost-effective. However, sectional gutters have a large flaw. Because they are installed using separate sections–which mean there are a large number of seams–these gutters are more prone to leaks, even with a reputable contractor doing your installation. Unfortunately, this makes them more liable to fail prematurely.

The better alternative is seamless gutters. Unlike a segmented system, seamless gutters use only a continuous piece of metal. They offer a sleek look to your roofline, making it a good design element. In fact, seamless gutters can be made to look like crown molding, which means they can also add greatly to your home’s architectural style. But what sets them apart is they have fewer seams, which are found typically only in corners. This lessens the potential for leaks, allowing for superior draining performance, especially when installed properly by a trusted gutter company.

GO FOR A PRO: To prevent performance issues from your new seamless gutters, make sure they are installed by a trustworthy and experienced gutter company.

Some manufacturers even upgrade their seamless gutters, adding a special surface protection system that looks more beautiful for longer. Hidden hangers that have a wide design delivers better stability and prevents the possibility of sagging. Seamless gutters are also fabricated and installed on site, which means they’ll be a perfect fit for your home’s roofline.

Work only with a reliable gutter company. Even the highest quality replacement gutters available today will require a professional who can install them properly and efficiently. But how do you actually find the right one for the job?

  • Get local referrals. These offer a more accurate description of what your experience will be like with a  given contractor. You won’t even have to scour the Internet for the right one–all you need to do is ask your family and friends to get started.
  • Look for the necessary credentials. The obvious ones are their business license, bond and insurance, which should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage. All of these can help ensure you and your investment remain protected should anything go awry during the project. Worker injuries and property damage aren’t exactly uncommon in gutter replacement, but choosing a pro with these credentials can help you mostly avoid these issues.
  • Check their work experience. You’ll want to hire a contractor who has already worked on a number of gutter installations. This way, you’re sure the project is completed promptly and efficiently, eliminating possible and expensive mistakes, or property damage.
  • Get solid warranty coverage. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your investment, make sure your new gutters are covered by extensive warranties. These should include protection against material defects and poor workmanship.
  • Choose a pro with an established reputation. This means looking them up on prominent trade sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List to check if they’ve earned satisfactory ratings. You can take this further by reading online reviews written by previous clients. Better yet, get a list of references so you can interview these past clients yourself to ask about the quality of their work.
BETTER PERFORMANCE, LONGER LIFE: Avoid frequent gutter cleaning and maintenance by installing a high-quality gutter protection system.

Add a high-quality gutter protection system. You’ll want to keep maintenance in mind when investing in new gutters. This doesn’t just involve gutter cleaning or repair. If you want to extend the life and improve the performance of your new system, have your trusted gutter company install a high-quality gutter protection system. There are many options to choose from, ranging from bottle brush and steel mesh to foam-fill and screen options. The best of the bunch, however, is the reverse-curve gutter protection system.

Unlike the previous options mentioned, reverse-curve systems sheds off, pine needles and other loose debris so they fall to the ground, allowing only water to enter the system through its curved lip. Because the debris falls harmlessly to the ground instead of being stuck on top of the system, there’s no chance for congestion ever occurring. One prime example of a reverse-curve gutter protection system is Gutter Helmet®.

The brand has improved upon the features of reverse-curve gutter guards with a patented nose-forward design, plus a textured and ribbed surface that takes advantage of surface tension. This ensures only rainwater can enter your gutters. Sturdy construction and heavy-duty mounting brackets keep the entire system from failing under constant weather exposure. Additionally, Gutter Helmet guards come with a high-performance finish in a wide range of colors that can effectively resist fading, corrosion and chalking. A transferable lifetime limited warranty allows for greater peace of mind by covering against material defects and poor performance.

Once you’ve considered these essentials, you can ensure a smoother and more worry-free gutter replacement experience, all alongside maximizing the returns from your new system by allowing for longer service life and exceptional performance.

Author Bio:

Shannon Lindquist is the director of marketing for Asher Lasting Exteriors, a family-owned exterior remodeling business in Eau Claire, WI. She has over 22 years of experience in the industry, 13 of which were spent growing the company. As specialists in the exterior construction industry, Asher has completed thousands of projects over the past 43 years and are experts in the installation and servicing of siding, windows, doors, gutters, gutter protection, retractable awnings and other exterior-related products. For updates from Shannon, check out the company blog!


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