How to Deal with Hair Loss Naturally

For millions of people, both male and female, hair loss is often a serious problem. There prescription medications available that can help to reduce hair loss or even assist in growing hair, but most of them come with harmful side effects.

Fortunately, there are several natural ways on how to deal with hair loss without having to resort to harsh treatments.

Proper Diet and Nutrition

One way on how to deal with hair loss and promote the growth of new hair is to balance your diet. Fad diets, poor eating habits, and crash weight-loss regimens can strip your hair of the vital nutrients it needs for growth and health. Insufficient amounts of iron or copper intake thru food can result in hair loss. Sufficient daily intake of B-vitamins, particularly, biotin is important to facilitate hair growth. Moreover, healthy oils that contain Omega-3 and 0mega-6 fatty acids are beneficial for having healthy hair. Good sources of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are fish species like tuna and salmon. Vegetarians can alternatively include olive oil and flax oil to their diet in order to increase their omega-3 and omega-6 levels and assist in keeping the scalp and skin healthy.

It is essential to give the hair the protein it requires to grow. Our hair is made up of around 91% protein, and the hair’s biggest protein component is the amino acid called cysteine. Excellent sources of cysteine include eggs, whey protein, milk, ricotta cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese. For vegetarians, cysteine can be obtained from garlic, red peppers, onions, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, wheat germ, and granola.

Lifestyle changes

According to, a lot of diseases can result in hair loss; similarly, treatments to those diseases can also cause hair loss. Consequently, your best bet on how to deal with hair loss is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep every night, practice regular exercise and eat a balanced meal daily. Simply doing these easy techniques can help to decrease your risks of having a serious health problem. Some medical conditions that may result in hair loss include high blood pressure, heart problems, and while chemotherapy treatments in cancer patients. further states that stress is another major hair loss cause. Stress can make your white blood cells attack your hair follicles. The same hair follicles enter a resting or dormant state where the hair tends to become prone to damage. You can try to cut down on the things that give stress in your life. If that’s not possible, you can set aside a particular time during the day for personal relaxation.

Natural Supplements

It is also helpful to take a vitamin supplement that is specially made to help treat and prevent hair loss. Various natural supplements are available that specifically contain the nutrients that help to prevent hair loss. You can take nettle root extract or saw palmetto supplements. These types of herbs are effective in blocking the hormone responsible for the hair loss involved with male pattern baldness. When using these herbal supplements, hair loss should dramatically slow down and they also work to prevent further hair loss.

Another natural way on how to deal with hair loss is by massaging essential oils on the scalp.  You can use thyme or lavender oil and massage them into your scalp once a week or more often if you want to.

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