Getting Custom Shutters: A Guide for Homeowners

Is your window letting in a bit too much sun during the day, or are there times where you wish you had a little more privacy? Don’t fret! If this is one of the things you’ve been pondering on, then allow us to point you in the direction of one of the classiest solutions for your home: custom shutters to complement your overall interior and exterior design.

But, hold on a bit. Before you rush out and search for companies that manufacture custom shutters, you need to first understand how to pick out the best shutter design as well as how to choose the right manufacturer. Then, you’ll also need to find the right contractor to install your new shutters.

Why Get Custom Interior Shutters?

When you’ve got beautiful home interiors, you’ll likely want to be able to show them off at times. Shutters help you to achieve this. Shutters are a unique design element that not only liven up the interior of the home, but they also provide privacy whenever you need it.

On days when the sun is just a little too bright, your custom shutters can be angled just right to control the amount of light streaming into your home. Use your shutters to direct sunlight exactly where you want it to, so that you can protect your furniture, wood floors and other prized possessions from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Common Types of Interior Shutters

Shutters are readily available on the market, but nothing really beats having custom shutters made.

Poly and wood are the most common materials used for shutters. Wood shutters come in different types of wood, with different grains and designs. They are classy and beautiful and can give a huge boost to the overall interior appeal of the home. They do, however, tend to cost a bit more than the other common material, poly.

Poly shutters are made of PVC components but are often made to imitate the look of wood. Poly shutters are highly durable, are able to resist moisture better and have the ability to block UV rays.

What material you opt for is going to depend mainly on your personal preferences. Nevertheless, regardless of material, custom shutters are designed to bring out the beauty of your home, so there’s very little chance that you’ll regret your purchase in the future.

Why Go Custom?

As mentioned earlier, shutters are widely available in all sorts of designs, colors, and sizes. So, why would you need to have them customized?

First, windows do have standard sizes but rarely are they actually standard at all. When you have shutters customized for your windows, you can be sure that they’ll be a perfect fit. If you have customized windows, all the more the reason to have shutters customized as well.

Moreover, your imagination is the limit when it comes to the shutter design. Shutters can be personalized so you can be sure that yours will be unique. There’s a one-in-a-billion chance that someone else would create customized shutters with the exact same design.

With customized shutters, you can be proud to always have a product of your own creativity.

Finding the Right Custom Shutters Installer

Once you’ve decided you want custom shutters, the next thing to do is find the company to manufacture and install them.

You might be thinking that shutters shouldn’t be too difficult to install. It’s just like installing curtains, isn’t it? Unfortunately, installing shutters may only look simple because trained installers make it seem so. The truth is, without the right training, you could end up with awkward-looking shutters or, worse, end up damaging your brand new custom shutters.

To avoid being disappointed with the installation work, it’s best to find the right contractor to install the shutters for you.

Fortunately, finding the right contractor would be easier than installing the shutters yourself. Simply ask around, check the yellow pages, or search the internet for contractors in your area. Below are a few things that you’ll need to look for in a contractor:

  • The contractor is fully licensed to operate in your area. This would mean that they have the right certifications to perform their chosen trade well.
  • The contractor is fully insured. Insurance is imperative in any contract work as anything can go wrong during a contract, no matter how difficult or simple the job may be.
  • The contractor is well known or has a good reputation in your area.
  • The contractor is affiliated with some of the top manufacturers.
  • The contractor can provide extensive warranty on their work.

If you make sure that the contractor you choose has all the above qualities, then there’s a better chance that you’ll get your money’s worth.


About the Author:

Sabiha Patel leads Wholesale Shutter Company’s manufacturing team. While supervising employees, handling marketing, day-to-day operations and production, she still finds the time to write informative articles for their clients and other home and property owners.


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