Family Friendly NYC Vacation Tips

The Best New York City Activities for Children Make for a Fun Trip

The best New York City family vacation involves plenty of child-friendly activities and entertainment: As parents have noted often, the mood of the kids pretty much determines the mood of the trip.

A child-friendly Broadway show can only last so long. MoMA and The Met are hugely popular tourist attractions, but children run out of steam quickly at these mature venues. A useful tip would be to intersperse visits to the best art museums with activities children like. This way, the overall family vacation experience will be better for everyone.

A Simple Guide to Paris for First Time Travelers

“Paris”– the moment this word runs down to our mind, we can only think of is Eiffel tower, museums, romantic evenings, mind-boggling fashion, the calm cafes. The soothing streets of such romantic city can make any one’s heart go “la la la”. It is said that if you are in Paris then you are very near to gods truly amazing and one of the finest works of art.