What Are the Best Windows for Your Home Style?

Investing in window replacement this season? If so, make sure to take into account the factors that can greatly impact your home’s look and feel. These may include your choice of framing material, glass or even window installer. Keep in mind that while these are all pretty vital to your indoor comfort and your windows’ overall energy performance, it will also do you good to consider aesthetics. Windows, after all, aren’t merely functional – they also play an important role in your home’s design, often impacting how your home is able to stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

That’s why when you choose replacement windows, pick out styles that will best complement your home’s architecture. Window sizes, shapes and styles can have an impact on specific types of architecture in different ways, which is why focusing on this aspect of your project can help you better define your home’s exterior. This post gives you a quick rundown of your available window options and the residential architecture traditionally with which they’re usually associated.

American Farmhouse. This home style first rose into prominence in the Midwest during the mid-1800s. American Farmhouse doesn’t actually refer to its design, but to its location and function. These houses emphasize the agrarian lifestyle – and it shows. These homes often feature functional porches as a transitional space, leading to exteriors that are more informal and inviting. Other distinctive features include high-pitched roofs with side gables. For a more balanced look, gable dormers are typically aligned with windows on the main floor.

Which window best suits your American Farmhouse? Double-hung windows are often featured  prominently in this home style. The clean and simple design is best suited to a style that highlights practicality. To further complement this architectural style, pick double-hung windows that are taller than they are wide.

Cape Cod. Derived from the Colonial style, Cape Cod homes are heavily inspired by the architecture of the early 1700s. Did you know, however, that older Cape Cod homes were actually inspired by Britain’s thatched cottages? The difference is that they have steeper roofs and a larger central chimney – designed to better withstand the bitterly cold Northeastern winters. Other notable features include gable dormers, multi-pane windows and hardwood floors.

Which windows best suit your Cape Cod home?  You might want to consider double-hung windows with top and lower sashes of differing heights, further emphasized by the grille pattern. Additionally, gable dormers should align with lower windows for a more symmetrical look. If you want casement windows instead, make sure their grille pattern makes them resemble double-hung units.

Craftsman Bungalow. One of the most popular styles from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century is the Craftsman Bungalow. Emphasizing the use of natural materials like wood, brick and stone, Craftsman Bungalow homes often have wide front porches framed by square columns with lower-pitched roofing. Exposed rafters, solid brackets and decorative beams are also featured. Inside these homes are built-in furniture and large fireplaces.

Which windows best suit your Craftsman Bungalow? Because this home style focuses on the use of natural materials like wood, make sure to choose double-hung windows in stained wood finishes. These add to the warm and handcrafted look typical of Craftsman Bungalow homes. Casement windows will work as well, especially when they come with vertical grilles.

Georgian/Federal. Colonial-style homes come in two types, Georgian and Federal. Both styles focus on strict symmetry, typically having a box shape adorned by shuttered windows. A decorative crown above a paneled entry door with simple, flattened columns, plus a chimney on opposite sides, complete the look. When it comes to ornamentation, however, Federal has it in spades. Curved steps leading to the entrance, additional wings off to each side and taller columns make it stand out.

Which windows best suit your Georgian/Federal home? Get double-hung or casement windows with small lites. You have the option to choose long and rectangular windows if you have a Federal home. Don’t forget the shutters flanking the windows.

Industrial/Modern/Contemporary. These home styles have slight differences, but they all highlight a minimalistic look and considerable access to natural light. In fact, you’ll find that most homes in this style have an open layout and expansive glass windows that essentially blur the line between the home’s interior and the outdoors. Other notable features include flat roofing, sleek edges, geometric lines and a more vibrant exterior color scheme.

Which windows best suit your Industrial/Modern/Contemporary home? Large picture and sliding windows are practically a staple for these home styles because of their slim frames and expansive glass. Both windows allow considerable access to natural light while maximizing the home’s viewing area. If you want to add double-hung or casement windows, make sure they have little to no grilles.

Aesthetics are an important consideration when investing in window replacement. sure your new units perfectly match with your home’s style. Not only does this ensure historical accuracy; it also helps increase the home’s value.

Now, all you need to do is find a window company that offers high-quality replacement windows you can customize to your needs.

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