Best-Performing Windows: Why Composite Material Is Your Best Bet

A window replacement project  takes a considerable amount of time and money, but it can also bring immense satisfaction. Besides improving aesthetics, windows bring a laundry list of benefits to the home. By making more informed purchasing decisions, you can make the most of your investment–but where should you start?

When choosing replacement windows, you need to make sure your selection ticks all the boxes in terms of looks, durability and energy efficiency. Framing material plays a huge part in window performance and longevity, so make sure to research every material option thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons. The most popular materials are:

  • Wood, a classic choice that’s known for its natural beauty, strength and insulating properties. It is, however, highly prone to rot and moisture damage.
  • Vinyl, a cost-effective, low-maintenance material that offers adequate protection and performance. Its tendency to warp, however, doesn’t make for a long-lasting option.
  • Aluminum, a highly durable and low-maintenance option that can withstand both weather damage and external threats. The downside: it’s a poor insulator, which means it doesn’t do much to help with energy savings.

If you want an excellent alternative to these options, you should consider composite framing material instead. Fast gaining traction among homeowners, composite boasts a host of benefits. In fact, choosing composite can make a big difference to your window replacement project. Here’s why:

Composite combines the best features of all window materials. These include wood’s strength and superior insulating properties, vinyl’s low-maintenance nature and aluminum’s long-lasting performance. Because composite dispenses with the weaknesses of these other materials, it can produce some of the best replacement windows available today. One prime example of composite framing material is Fibrex®️, an exclusive option offered by Renewal by Andersen®️, one of the country’s top window companies.

Composite frames are resistant to almost all types of damage. For replacement windows that can effectively stand up to fluctuating weather, pick ones with composite frames, which don’t crack, pit, corrode, dent, chip or peel. Unlike wood, this exceptional option resists moisture damage. It’s not prone to warping, either–an issue typically seen with vinyl frames. Plus, composite frames don’t suffer from other adverse effects due to extreme temperature variations or weather conditions.

Besides being highly durable, composite frames can be shaped into practically any style or design. Whether you need classic double-hung windows or casement windows to improve your access to natural ventilation, or picture and bay units to enhance daylight requirements, you won’t lack for options when you choose composite. Thanks to its superior strength, composite allows for windows with slimmer frames and more expansive glass to maximize daylighting and view.

Composite materials, like Fibrex, are extremely energy-efficient. When installed by a reliable window contractor, replacement windows with composite frames form an airtight seal. This prevents outdoor air from leaking into your home and compromising thermal stability. At the same time, this stops costly heating energy from leaking out, which is especially significant during winter. Overall, composite framing material helps keep your home’s indoor temperature steady, so residents stay comfortable without having to deal with high energy costs.

Did you know that pairing composite frames with the right glass can further optimize energy efficiency in your home? For greater energy savings, get advanced low-emissivity (Low-E) glass for your composite windows. It helps reduce heat transfer into your home during summer and keeps heating energy trapped inside your home during winter. By blocking a significant amount of UV rays entering your home, Low-E glass also protects your interior from sun damage.   

Composite is clean and green. More and more homeowners are looking for greener choices when it comes to home improvement, and composite window frames fit the bill. Investing in them is a sustainable choice because composite frames are made primarily from reclaimed wood fiber and are manufactured through an environmentally responsible process. Because of this, composite helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Composite windows do more than spruce up your home; they also maximize its comfort and energy efficiency. To fully enjoy these advantages, however, you have to work with a reliable window company. After all, your new windows are only as good as the person installing them. For this reason, make sure the window contractor you hire is:

  • Licensed to perform this kind of home improvement work in your area. They should be able to apply for the necessary permits, while ensuring the work follows local codes and safety regulations.
  • Insured to better protect you and your investment in the event of worker injuries or property damage. Look for a contractor with workers’ compensation and liability coverage.
  • Certified to provide access to solid window warranties and workmanship guarantees.
  • Experienced to eliminate the potential for costly mistakes–ensuring the window installation is done properly and in a timely and efficient manner.

Make the most of your window replacement by choosing a durable, exceptional framing material. Plus, don’t forget the importance of working with a trusted window contractor.


Author Bio:

Alex Esler is Marketing Manager for Renewal by Andersen, a premier window company serving Cape Cod communities and the surrounding areas. Always eager to help, Alex remains driven and inspired by her work and the causes she cares about.


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