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Paint application is can be done by three primary method: Paint brushes, rollers and the most convenient is the spray paint and paint sprayer are one of those innovated product that made this tedious tasks easy. It defeated the old school brushes and roller that made paint application a bothersome. Less brush and rollers stroke to worry because paint sprayer emits fine mist that makes a perfect results. One of its downside though, is it’s pretty expensive, it ranges from $70 to $400 than your $10 paint brushes or $15 rollers but the real shot here is the little amount of time you’re going to invest. 

Types of paint sprayers:

In choosing the best paint sprayer you must put into account what kind of paint job you are going to do because there are many classification of paint sprayers that varies from where you’re going to use it. The following are the types of paint sprayers that we are going to tackle with you.

Airless Sprayer

If you’re planning to paint a large building or thinking of blemishing a 40ft deck  airless sprayer is your best partner because it is made for huge paint job like that. Because this kind of paint sprayer is made for large application. This sprayer can cover large area but sloppy you wouldn’t wish to use this on a windy day where winds are quite robust.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayers

This sprayer is best for smooth and furnished finished. Cabinet painting, other stuffs you wanted to paint. This type of sprayer is used by Do it yourselfers on their projects because HVLP is an easy sprayer to use if you wanted a controlled work.

If you are going to use a higher volume of air with lower pressure it only means that you owned a well-controlled and manageable spray for putting a balanced scope with a no messy-spray result, applying an even finish putting the paint on the area where you wanted it without clutter.

Hand-Held Sprayers

Thinking of what to do with the household paint jobs? Well, the answer for that struggle is the hand – held sprayer that is best on common paint jobs like painting a room of porch.

Hand-held sprayers is not like the airless sprayer that can cover a large area nor a HVLP sprayer that has an evenly paint jobs but a hand-held sprayer is budget friendly and it best for those who use paint sprayer occasionally.

Paint Sprayer Advantages

Speed and accessibility

Paint sprayer is famous by its speed power. You can finish a large project in a little amount of time and it is also so accessible while using because the fine mist that it emits can go through the nook area of the furniture that rollers and brushes can’t fit. However, if you force them to fit in that area you might probably get scratches in the surface or scotches.

Coat Evenly

Brushes and rollers can’t offer an evenly type of results without the blemish of brush strokes while paint sprayer can give out a fine mist that can help you achieve your dream coating.


Everything has to be taped up

Securing the area you didn’t wanted to paint is probably tiring because whenever you’re using a spray paint it becomes messy because the paint goes all over.


Given the fact that this machine is way too expensive that cost around $70 to $400 than your typical brushes and rollers that only cost $10 to $15.

It eats a large amount of paint

Paint sprayers uses a lot of paint than brushes and rollers.

Top 5 paint sprayer in 2018

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 

If you’re looking for the best paint sprayer for your project, we offer you Graco Magnum 262800X5 that suits both DIY project, Home and professional paint job projects. This is chosen to be the kings of kings because of several reason: Cost efficient and given the fact that this is an airless sprayer it has a high speed performance that make it as a convenient sprayer. It features fully adjustable pressure that gives you power to control your project either indoor or outdoor type of paint job. It also features piston pump that finely made of stainless steel and it enables the spray paint for high pressure spraying to get the job done. If you are thinking of cleaning the lawn after, you can connect the adapter on your garden hose and start cleaning.

In it, you can see a spray gun, a paint hose, an adapter, a storage fluid and a start-up guide. It’s not as heavy like other paint sprayer because it only weigh under 20 lbs but wheels would be fine.

The durability of its metal structure wherein you should see it through any light wear or tear without any bother.

  • Its adjustable pressure makes it more flexible for any type of paint job.
  • Its durable due to its metal construction that makes it long lasting
  • Portable because of its handle.
  • Quite heavy (weighs 20lbs)
  1. Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP 

Our second in the list is the best hand-held sprayer, the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP.

This whole unit weighs 12.3 lbs making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage due to the fact that it can be carried from place to place. Another good thing about this HVLP paint sprayer is its pack with an integrated storage making it very storable! With this, you might be able to spray up to 8 gallons/hr making it much easier than your ordinary rollers and paint brushes.

By purchasing this product you’ll get two nozzles which enable you to achieve a fine broad coverage. It comes with an adjustable control that only shows that you can accomplish a wide range of paint application easily. You can find it very convenient because it has storage box made for storing its nozzles and an 11.5 foot hose. The Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP is made out of plastic which probably not help the life span but we are certain it is not wobbly. There is least overspray being advertised, there is more overspray than premium products and for that matter a little mount of cleaning is needed after. On the other hand the product is good for its price

  • It is portable to carry because it is lightweight.
  • Pack with two nozzles that will help you achieve a broad fine coverage.
  • Its integrated storage is one of its best features
  • Its plastic structure is not helpful to make it last long.
  • Might require cleaning because of overspray
  1. HomeRight C800766 Finish Max 

If you’re looking for a budget friendly spray painter we offer you the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max. It is a HVLP type of paint sprayer. It only cost under $100 the price says its quality but most of DIY’s enthusiast use this device for their projects because of its flexibility. It has three pattern: Horizontal, vertical and circular and has an adjustable spray control that will fit your project. For a cheap price of course what you’re expecting it is made of plastic but its spray needle is made of brass which probably may help its durability. It is also easy to carry because it only weigh 3.4 lbs.

This is a self-contained machine that makes things easier because it doesn’t require hoses, pumps, or even air compressors. Using this device in a heavy duty project used only by professional is not recommended because of its quality. It’s best for a second hand furniture or crafts that’s why do it yourselfers use this.

If you’re unsure about this product, it guarantees you with a 2 year limited warranty. Reading the manual in advance about what the warranty covers will leads you to potential misunderstanding. This product as you can see is a low quality paint sprayer but this is good for the budget.

  • Versatile because of its three spray pattern with adjustable control
  • Portable because it only weighs 3.4 lbs.
  • It’s not complicated because it doesn’t require hoses and pumps
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Plastic structure expected due to its price
  • Not advisable to use on a heavy duty project because it has lack power
  1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 

Most of the products that we have reviewed on this article only features small to medium projects but in terms of heavy duty project we offer you Graco Magnum 262805 X7 which is suitable for professional use project.

This product is made of stainless steel so it only means the price is not cheap. The material that made this machine is quite heavy, this machine weighs 26 lbs but it comes with a wheel and a trolley cart which you can use if you have a load of paint job to do.

There are several reason why this machine is picked as the top most spray paint recommended in terms of professional use.

For instance, it features a fully adjustable pressure that gives you control on any projects. The adapter is can be connected on the garden hose to make cleaning easier.

This product also offers “reverse cleaning” which you can help clear block tips. If by any chance the 25ft hose is not sufficient you can upgrade it. For this kind of product we assume a longer warranty but this product only offer 1 yr warranty.

  • It has enough power for any kinds of paint jobs.
  • Durable because of its stainless steel features
  • Adjustable pressure which helps you to control your projects
  • Cleaning features makes it easier to clean
  • It is heavy given the fact of the material used in this product is stainless steel.
  • 25ft hose may be not sufficient for people’s daily needs in terms of using it
  • 1 year warranty isn’t generous for a paint sprayers warranty
  1. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max

We believe that Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max is compromise between budget and quality. It only weigh 11.2 lbs and the sprayer itself is compact and lightweight. Making it easier to access to high areas that are hard to reach and beneficial to those who suffered hand fatigues. In addition to its features is, it has 3 different pattern and an air pressure.

This HVLP-type paint sprayer is best for your woodworking or furniture projects. If you wanted to use latex or varnish. The plastic structure is not durable. It includes hose which is 20ft long which probably conflict in different projects. The hose is prone of disconnecting which is probably annoying. Though those defects don’t matter because this is one of a good paint sprayer.

  • Portable to use because its lightweight material
  • It offers a versatility of a 1- 10 width pattern spray painter
  • This device is easy to use on a wide range application or larger projects.
  • Its plastic construction is not durable as it look like.
  • The hose disconnect occasionally and maybe short


So here you go! You have different types of paint sprayer that will make your paint job easy. Advantages and disadvantages that you might encounter while using a paint sprayer. Either you’re looking for a budget or a professional use paint sprayer there is anything in the market that will suit your needs. Technology is moving so fast and helps our daily routine to make it easier. So, find the suitable paint sprayer for you by those easy guides above!


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