5 Good Reasons to Have A Shed

As a homeowner, do you have enough storage space on your property? Do you have enough room inside your house to do all the things you want to do? If not, installing a shed on your property can be a good idea. An outdoor shed can be used for a variety of purposes depending upon your needs for space and utilization. Here are some reasonable and creative ideas of what you can do with a shed and why having a shed will be of benefit to you and your family.

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A shed provides a place for both long and short-term storage. When a garage is empty it always appears to have adequate storage space. That is until you start to use it. First, you put in the car or cars. Add the bicycles. What about the mopeds, scooters or motorcycles? Can you squeeze a riding lawn mower in there? What about the oversize box for the Christmas ornaments? Don’t forget the set of tires you are storing, along with the gas grill for outdoor cooking and the dresser you want to refinish. That’s just a partial list of what a homeowner might want to store in their garage. Rather than investing in shelving and clumsy overhead storage, using a shed will give you the extra storage space you need without having to rent additional storage space or trying to squeeze just one more item into the garage.


A shed provides security for your valuable items. If you sit down and consider the replacement costs of what you are storing in your garage or basement, you can easily make a case for a shed. With a shed, you can easily store your bulky valuables. How much do you have invested in your sporting and recreational items, lawn care equipment and tools? You can place a shed in your yard so that you can see the entry doors from your house and monitor anyone coming in or out. You can orient the doors and window so that a stranger passing by cannot easily see the contents. If you use proper locks and possibly a motion detector security light, you can be fairly sure nothing will happen to your property.


A shed creates a separate workshop. If you are using a shed as a workshop, you will find that you have a safe, weatherproof area in which to store and sort your tools and materials while working on projects. You won’t need to constantly set the workshop up and then take it down at the end of the day as you might if you are working in a garage. Because you are away from your house, any mess is contained in the workshop area and interruptions to your work are minimized. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you could set up your project, paint or finish it uninterrupted and then leave and lock the door until it was time for the next step or the next project? You can limit and control foot traffic through your work area.


A shed improves the appearance of your property. Rather the overload your garage with items, having a shed can eliminate the overcrowded look you can get when you’re storing bulky items next to your house. Moving large items into a shed when you’re done using them improves the overall appearance of your yard. In addition, sheds can be attractive and harmonize with your house and yard. It is possible to use architectural features such as windows and doors, paint schemes and plantings, to create a pleasant view of the shed from the yard or street. Having a shed that a neat and attractive exterior adds to the curb appeal of your house and ultimately to its value.


A shed can create an extra room for your family. Some families may not need the additional storage space and opt to use the shed as extra family space. A shed can be set up to accommodate an aspiring musician’s garage band practice space. You can use the shed to host the neighborhood party or ping pong tournament. A shed could be used to create either an adult “man cave” or a “she cave”. Add electricity and you have a perfect room for watching sports on television or storing an extra freezer or refrigerator. Add carpeting to the floor and you can create the perfect yoga retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

When you do construct your shed, you can leave it open inside or subdivide it for various functions. You can build in storage units that make sense for the items you have. You can customize it for your needs. For example, a cycling enthusiast could install storage racks for bicycles and, at the same time, include bench space and cabinets for bicycle repairs. You can combine a shed with an outdoor patio or porch area to create an outdoor living and storage space. A shed can do much to enhance your lifestyle. Today sheds are much more than the old-fashioned lean-to buildings against a garage or barn. You can customize a shed to meet your needs and preferences.

There are many uses for a shed and many reasons to have one. Always check with your local building department before you start a shed project to understand whether or not you need permits and inspections. There may be limitations on size and height you might have to take into consideration. Know what approvals you need to build or install a shed before you start. There are kits available for building a shed of almost any size or design. Materials used range from wood construction to steel. Shop around and talk to companies that sell and install shed kits and contractors that will build a custom shed for you.

All things considered, a shed can become a valuable asset and part of your house. A shed offers you the opportunity to provide for adequate storage for your belongings. You can create a secure environment for that storage. You will be able to design and develop a workshop, a yoga studio, a private spa or fitness center that is attractive and comfortable on both the inside and outside.

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