Reasons to Have an Indoor Zen Garden

Zen is about the art and teachings of living in the moment while truly appreciating all you have around you like nature and all its glorious blessings. Zen practice is taught and given birth to in the Buddhist religion but is followed all over the world by many; in Asia, other countries practice it with different names such as, ‘Chan’ in China, ‘Seon’ in Korea and ‘Thien’ in Vietnam.

Gardening is enlightening, peaceful and beautiful for those of us who practice it but also for those who admire it; here is how you too can get an indoor Zen garden and enjoy the tranquility of the body and mind.

The Elements of Nature Brought Together

What Zen looks to accomplish is a gathering of all the elements found in nature, therefore they are mostly dry landscape with rocks or pebbles and flowing water. An indoor Zen garden can be built on any size and shape area and it can be placed where you will spend most of your time. Indoor Zen gardens require to be very attentive and constructive every day and right from the start, as you need to choose the rocks, shape and possible plants that you desire; usually, bamboo or bonsai are used because they fit perfectly with the setting.

Do You Need A Helping Hand?

If you want a helping hand in creating your own indoor Zen garden to which you can then add and alter as you wish, you can buy the indoor Zen garden set that will provide all the accessories to get rolling and set in no time. You can also search online for ideas, pictures of other completed indoor Zen gardens that you can adopt ideas to for your home and you can also refer to zen related books found at the stores.

Getting More Than A garden

An indoor Zen garden is designed to transfer tranquility to any place you like and help you to relax and reduce stress by its design and trickling water that are calming to the inner mind. Place a Zen garden in the bedroom and begin enjoying sounder sleep at night or in the living room where you can also practice some meditation exercises that will enhance its presence. You will find that the indoor Zen garden will keep you busy by changing the shape, rocks and adding plants over the years or you may simply decide that you must have one in every room to enjoy its simple yet beneficial influence.

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