Duct Cleaning 101 – Beginners Guide for Funnel Cleaning

The air duct system is a very functional fixture that offers unbeatable air filtering function; unfortunately, it is also a household system that is often overlooked by a good number of homeowners. Air duct cleaning is actually very simple and easy to do contrary to what it may appear. If you think it is a physically demanding task, then you are terribly mistaken.

If you do not unclog your funnel system regularly, then you are putting yourself and the entire family at serious risk. When it comes to health, an air funnel system offers numerous advantages as it thoroughly filters microbes and debris in the air. As a result, you enjoy a cleaner fresh air circulation; but when the system becomes clogged with molds, debris, and fungi, the health benefits it is able to provide immediately suffers.

In addition to this, electrical consumption can also increase resulting in a higher monthly electrical bill. Air system funnels are widely known for their energy efficient operation, but because of the debris present inside the structure, the system will have no other choice but to increase its electrical demand in order to keep up with its function.

Again, polishing the funnel system is not that tedious to accomplish, especially if you are already familiar with its steps. Some few pointers for you to remember:

If you are planning to do the cleaning on your own without the help of a contractor, then you will definitely need the following items:

  • Rag
  • vacuum cleaner with hose feature
  • duct tape
  • long nozzle

The steps are very easy but before you proceed, make sure to turn off the whole air funnel system first.

  1. Do not forget to cut off its power supply too for safety.
  2. You can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean its internal structure since it is more convenient to carry.
  3. Just simply insert the hose inside the duct and start vacuuming the large debris you see inside. You can also attach the hose to a nozzle for areas that are hard to reach. Do not overdo this polishing process.
  4. If you notice any cracks or cuts, do not make attempts to fix it; instead, just leave it alone and seek professional help. If there is nothing wrong with its interior then just continue with the polishing.
  5. After vacuuming the structure, apply a more thorough cleaning by wiping the whole structure again using a wet rag.
  6. Do not forget to clean its dust cover.
  7. Return the casing to its proper position and you are done.

Hire an expert

Hiring an air funnel expert is actually the best way to keep your air funnel functional. There are numerous companies that offer all of these services at an affordable rate; it will not really take you long to find one in your area.

Before you hire a private contractor, consider greatly the following pointers first: consider the number of years of the company in the industry, chances are, if a service company is able to stay in the business for many years, then it is highly probable that their service is reliable; ask for different licenses to determine if they are working legitimately; and finally, do not forget to inquire about their service rate and service packages.

Duct cleaning does not have to be on monthly basis, you can even do the maintenance on rare occasions; however, it is essential that you faithfully observe this step to avoid unwanted consequences.

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