5 Simple Ideas to Maximize your Small Kitchen Space

When dealing with small kitchen areas, storage is the biggest concern. Proper use of storage space can enhance a work area and improve the overall efficiency of any kitchen. Here are some tips to make the most of the limited space available in a small kitchen.


The first step in optimizing the space a small kitchen is always to organize and reduce the items already there. Grouping like items together closest to the work area where they are needed will not only make them easier to find, but will also help determine if there are duplicates, broken pieces, or missing items. Getting rid of unused or unusable appliances, utensils, and dishes can “create” space in an otherwise cramped area. Once everything is grouped together, it will become apparent whether or not small kitchen ideas are needed, such as drawer dividers or canisters.

Create the Illusion of Space

Some storage concepts will not only add space to a small kitchen, they can also make a cramped area look bigger. Using open shelves instead of cabinets can create the appearance of a more open space and improve access to the items being stored. By installing shelves, more usable space is created that can also be easily customized to store items and to maximize headroom or work surface access. Additionally, the shelves themselves will appear to elongate the area and can add interest and variety to the décor of the room.

Optimize Space

Many cabinet and kitchen construction companies have developed imaginative small kitchen ideas that enhance the limited space. Replacing lower shelves with deep drawers can allow easy access while still preserving the ability to store large pots and deep dishes. Some drawers can be fitted with movable rails or pegs so that items stored in the drawer are secured and space can be customized to fit particular needs. It is also possible to capitalize on a narrow space by installing a pullout spice rack, or in a corner spot by using lazy Susan style cabinets.

Use Every Surface

When faced with a limited number of cabinets and drawers, think of every surface in the kitchen as a potential storage area. Utilize overhead space by installing racks for hanging pots and pans. Keep utensils and pot holders directly on the wall by installing rails, magnetic strips, hooks, or pegs. An often underutilized area of the kitchen is the bottom side of cabinets where baskets, racks, and even some small appliances can be installed to keep the items off of the counter but still within easy reach.

Double Duty

Some areas in a kitchen have multiple uses and these can produce great small kitchen ideas that add extra storage and increase usable space. For instance, a kitchen island can be used for food prep or cooking, but by adding narrow stools or benches, the area can double as a serving area. Using stools or benches with built-in storage compartments can be a great solution for storing items that are not needed often but still need to stay near the kitchen area, such as table linens or special occasion serving ware.

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No matter how small a kitchen is, there are many solutions for storage that can make the most of the space and help improve the overall efficiency of the room.

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