Wall Color Choices for Your Home

Changing the wall color in your home can go a long way in giving a room a whole new look and feel. There are many things to consider when choosing a color. Though you should obviously keep the existing furniture in mind, there are some other factors you should know about as well. Different colors have different psychological affects on the people who are in the room.


Red raises the energy level. It invokes feelings of love and passion and sometimes anger as well. It also can stimulate good conversation so the living room, kitchen or playroom would all be good choices for the color red because these rooms usually see a lot of activity.


Crimson can cause feelings of rage and hostility so that is probably not a good color choice for any room of your house. If you really want to use that color perhaps it would be best as an accent color.


Yellow communicates the joy of sunshine and happiness. It make people feel optimistic. However it is the most difficult color on the eyes so it’s best used in small spaces or large rooms that do not have a lot of wall space. The kitchen is a good choice for the color yellow.


Blue is a great color for a bedroom or living room. It actually lowers blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate so it is very calming. If you are not careful though, lighter hues can look cold and a little sad so it is best to accent it with warmer colors through the other décor of the room.


Purple can have the same calming affect as blue though it does not appear cold or sad. Some shades suggest femininity or wealth. It gives a rich depth to your color scheme and is a great accent color.


Green is an all around great color for just about any room of the house. With the same calming affect as blue and the same cheerful affect as yellow, it is relaxing and stylish no matter where it is. It is also believed to be good for fertility so some like to put it in the bedroom as well!


Orange is a good color for an exercise room as it is exciting and energetic. It can be a good color for other high activity rooms of the house also.

Black, Gray, White and Brown

Black, gray, white and brown are all considered neutral colors. They can be a bit drab on their own but work well paired with other more vibrant colors.

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Though you would probably not choose your colors exclusively according to the moods they can invoke, it can be useful information when combined with your own personal taste and style. Your own wall painting ideas will make the look exclusively yours. If you need to feed your imagination a little first there are many helpful tips that can be found on the Internet as well as wall art decorating ideas.  Hopefully this helps you create in your home a rich and inviting ambience that communicates your own unique personality to all that enter.

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