Garage Kits and Metal Carports

Garage kits and metals carports are two of the latest innovation in the construction industry today. These are fabricated and custom designed garages packed in a kit which you can build and assemble yourself. Just choose from a brochure in the nearest store or on the internet, buy it, study the manual and build it yourself. These garage kits and metal carports can house your car, trucks or even your boat and other vehicles to protect them from rain, snow, too much heat and cold and from thieves.

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These garage kits and metal carports are cheap, easy to install and affordable. The price of these kits is only around $3000, still lower compared to actually building the conventional garage. And you can build this over the weekend without hiring an engineer or a contractor! The garage kits, door openers, and metal carports are readily available in the stores in your area, or even more easily, on the internet . There are so many designs and types to choose from.

If you are kind of traditional, wooden garage kits are also available and suitable for you. These are much cheaper, convenient to build and much more comfortable. On the other hand, the steel garage kits and metal carports are easy to maintain and more durable as they eliminate wood problems such as termites. However, the metal carports have a higher fire risk due to its conductivity. But, you can lessen this risk by installing additional insulation in the garage. The packages also come with a user-friendly manual thus, these are really easy to build and very convenient.

Also, these prefabricated garage kits and metal carports are already designed making it very beautiful to look at. And if after some time you do not like the physical design of it anymore, you can always repaint and redecorate it anytime.

Portable Carports and it’s uses

Whether you’re thinking about building a new garage or need cover for an extra vehicle, you may want to consider a carport. Besides protecting vehicles from the elements, a portable carport can provide many other useful purposes as well.

  1. The first and most obvious is protecting vehicles. Most have vehicles that, besides their home, maybe their most valuable investment. Protecting them from the rigors of the elements is critical in adding to the longevity of their use.
  2. Storage. Many may not realize that a carport can be used for storage of all sorts of items. Anything that can be stored outdoors can be placed under a carport providing extra protection from rain and sun.
  3. Handy workshop area. With proper placement, a workshop can add valuable space to any outdoor work area. Whether temporary or long-term, many portable carports are secured using cement footings or ropes like those used to secure tents. Having some extra outdoor space to get work done out of the weather can be very useful.
  4. Party or catering events. Who doesn’t like an outdoor party or event that uses catering? Carports work great for covering a buffet line or even as a place to setup a band or gift tables for a wedding reception. Get enough portable carports and you have an entire outdoor area to entertain without having to worry about rain ruining your important day.
  5. Vehicle repair shop. Carports can be a great place to work on car while needing to keep it out of the weather and not taking up space in a garage for vehicles that you’re currently using for transportation.
  6. Gardening area for your green thumb. Portable carports make great planting areas in the spring or in the fall when re-planting outdoor plants to move inside or into a greenhouse.

A car canopy has many uses besides the obvious. Next time you need protection from the elements for a weekend event or need some space for storage, consider the portable carport.

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